Impact Innovators 

Innovating and Accelerating Sustainable Pathways 

Leaf Capital Partners is deeply committed to positive societal change, focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs, uncovering and supporting solutions to improve life for children with rare diseases, and advancing education in underserved communities worldwide.

Women Empowerment


Leaf Capital Partners and WEMP (Women Empowerment) led by TV Personality Christine Curran of Dining Divas Travel Channel announce a partnership collaboration to develop and launch a Women’s Empowerment Business Accelerator Program aimed at overcoming barriers and driving sustainability for women entrepreneurs, startups, and early-growth stage businesses.​


The Challenge at Hand

Rare diseases, though individually uncommon, collectively impact millions worldwide, with over 7,000 identified conditions. Alarmingly, more than 3,500 of these diseases affect children, posing unique healthcare challenges that demand our immediate attention. Despite the significant number of affected individuals, less than half of these conditions have foundation support, leaving many families to navigate their child's care without sufficient resources or guidance.

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