clear  objective

Our process is a precise definition of objectives and parameters. LCP supports our sponsors in defining project terms of reference and other parameters as closely and carefully as possible.


 scientific method 

We document the existing situation, define the investment objectives, and then model the effects of the investment, competencies, and capacities of the sponsor or investment in question. 



objectivity approch

Our role is to provide an unbiased, professional opinion that is supported by evidence. Our reporting must be clear of bias or the influence of special interests. Where the difference of professional opinion is found, we express these clearly

confidential mandate

We take a full range of precautions to safeguard the integrity of client data. These included integrated data and document security and control policies. We offer encrypted communications and data storage facilities and can comply with most corporate systems in this area.



Series of structured interviews, factory or work observation, site visits, or other primary research activities, i.e., those activities implemented by LCP or a qualified 3rd party business evaluator.


We examine external analysis of information and extrapolate key data points from Macro to Micro. This research has already been compiled, gathered, organized, and published by others. It includes reports and studies by government agencies, trade associations or other businesses in your industry



Detailed assessment of risks, which are typically described in terms of the likelihood of occurrence, the trigger event, the magnitude of impact, and their measurable impact on the investment model.


A core part of the due diligence study is the modeling process. This can include modeling of key sensitivities in a business plan, for instance, or development of a decision tree for mapping future investment decisions. This is a core part of our methodology, and we have developed some highly effective processes based on project experience.



your vision our focus 

business valuation 

 The business valuation process can guidance and gain a better understanding of where the company is position in the marketplace, or resonate and identify strategic opportunities increase value. The appraisal process provides a key understanding of when the value of the operations is in dispute or resolves issues between owners and interested parties. An appraisal may be required for tax or financial. reporting purposes, helping business owners and their advisors comply with rules set by regulatory agencies.


the Planning Process

Managing the complex process and understanding the value of direct investments in small to medium enterprises. 


It is important to recognize the significance that strategic development efforts have on the value of every enterprise and our objective is to implement critical value creation via entry into new markets, acquisitions of direct or indirect capital sponsorship.


the Valuation Process

  • Financial Statement Reconstruction and Forecasts
  • Business Valuation Approaches and Methods 
  • Asset-Based Business Valuation 
  • Market-Based Business Valuation  
  • Income-Based Business Valuation 
  • Business Value and Selling Price 
  • Business Price Justification.
  • Equity Discount Rate Build Up
  • Business Valuation Multiples 
  • Seller's Discretionary
  • Cash Flow calculation
  • Conclusion of Business Value
  • Business Sale assumptions.


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